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College Prep in Severna Park and Holiday Activities

When your children turn into teens, the whole world changes. No longer is their favorite song Frosty the Snowman or their favorite holiday activity decorating the tree. Nowadays, they prefer listening to pop tunes on their iPhone and hanging out with their friends. Anything beats having to hang out with the parents during the holiday season.

Well, you can change all of that.

All you need to do is set up some holiday activities that your teen will love. C2 Education, your college prep service in Severna Park, offers holiday activities your teen will love.

Nostalgia Movie Night

There are plenty of movies that your teen still can’t watch too many times. Discover their favorite movies, pop plenty of popcorn and have a holiday movie night at your home. Go ahead, show them the classics and see what happens. We are willing to bet there are movies from the past that your teen will love.

Go On An Adventure

Take your teen on a nature walk. You can also take them out to where you can track down and saw down your own Christmas tree. Outdoor activities are healthy and even familiar places look different in the winter.

Have A Bake Off

Christmas is the best time of year to bake all of your favorite goodies. Your never too old to eat baked cookies and other goodies and your teen can help.

Pick an afternoon to crank up the oven and have a bake-off with your teen. It can be as simple as baking pre-made cookie dough you buy at the store or whip something amazing up from scratch.

Play Bad Santa

This is fun for the whole family. Set a monetary limit and have all of the family members go out and buy the worst possible gift. The one who chooses the best worst gift wins.

Video Game Tournament

Let your teen choose one of their favorite games and spend an evening in a tournament. Going head to head with your teen on a PlayStation or Xbox game is a great way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Serve Fondue For Dinner

Fondue is not only fun, but it is also a great conversation meal. Let your teen help you choose what fun recipes to try.

Get Decorating

They will never admit it, but your teens never fell out of favor decorating the tree at Christmas. Give them some decorating responsibilities that will keep them entertained and busy. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and cookies.

Donate Clothes


A good way to clear some space in your teen’s closet for the clothes they will be getting over the holidays is by giving outgrown clothes to charity.

Go through the wardrobe with your teen to gather and donate clothes that no longer fit them or are otherwise never worn anymore. This is also a good time to talk about the importance of giving.

C2 Education offers tutoring and college prep to help make the start of school in the fall more fun and more successful. Contact us today.

College Prep in Severna Park and Summer Activities

College Prep in Severna Park and Summer Activities

Summer activities will do more than just get you out of the house. Boosting your activity level this summer will keep you in shape, keep you healthy and keep your mind sharp. C2 Education, your college prep service in Severna Park, offers these fun activities you should try this summer.

Your Tutoring Service in Severna Park Offers the Benefits of Good Grades


Grades are not a measure of a person nor should they be the sole measure of anyone's academic success. Grades are a reflection of how much you have learned, but you can still learn a great deal without necessarily getting high grades.

That said, getting good grades is still very important. C2 Education, your college prep and tutoring service in Severna Park, offers the benefits of maintaining good grades. 

Boosts Confidence

There is a huge difference in how you feel when you get an A and when you get a C. When a student gives the best effort they can, it shows in their grades. And when they get good grades, they are motivated to keep up the good work and remain full of confidence. 

Better Social Life

A student who gets good grades obviously cares about their education and takes schoolwork seriously. In doing so, good students earn the respect of teachers and peers. 

More Opportunities in the Future

Even if you don't plan on going to college, studies have shown that students with higher grades in high school tend to be better off financially than those who received poor grades.

Some students might feel that grades don’t matter because they are planning on going into a field like sales. Some don’t feel grades are important because they don’t plan on going to college or are going into the military. 

But if a student strives to do well in everything they do, they will get good grades and be successful in their career of choice. Even if it is in sales. 

Employers Care About Grades 

Most small companies don't expect to see your GPA on a resume, but many large companies will require it. This means the difference between you landing a great job at a great company could come down to your grades.  

If you rely on a professional service to help you land a job, they will certainly want to know what kind of grades you have. Many companies use grades to determine if a student has the technical ability and competence to do a certain job. 

More Scholarships

Getting accepted to a good college is one thing, receiving a scholarship is a whole different matter. 

The last thing you want after graduation college is student debt. This can impact your life for quite some time. Better grades and higher test scores will help students get more money for college.   

Better Colleges

Speaking of getting accepted to a good college, good grades will land you at the better schools. And if you want to go on to graduate or professional school, your grades are even that much more important. 

The competition among applicants for college is high and one thing that could set you apart from the others are your grades. 

C2 is the smart choice for students who want to do better. We offer customized curricula, personalized attention and a wide variety of enrichment services for students from kindergarten through high school. Be smarter. Choose C2.