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College Prep in Severna Park and Holiday Activities

When your children turn into teens, the whole world changes. No longer is their favorite song Frosty the Snowman or their favorite holiday activity decorating the tree. Nowadays, they prefer listening to pop tunes on their iPhone and hanging out with their friends. Anything beats having to hang out with the parents during the holiday season.

Well, you can change all of that.

All you need to do is set up some holiday activities that your teen will love. C2 Education, your college prep service in Severna Park, offers holiday activities your teen will love.

Nostalgia Movie Night

There are plenty of movies that your teen still can’t watch too many times. Discover their favorite movies, pop plenty of popcorn and have a holiday movie night at your home. Go ahead, show them the classics and see what happens. We are willing to bet there are movies from the past that your teen will love.

Go On An Adventure

Take your teen on a nature walk. You can also take them out to where you can track down and saw down your own Christmas tree. Outdoor activities are healthy and even familiar places look different in the winter.

Have A Bake Off

Christmas is the best time of year to bake all of your favorite goodies. Your never too old to eat baked cookies and other goodies and your teen can help.

Pick an afternoon to crank up the oven and have a bake-off with your teen. It can be as simple as baking pre-made cookie dough you buy at the store or whip something amazing up from scratch.

Play Bad Santa

This is fun for the whole family. Set a monetary limit and have all of the family members go out and buy the worst possible gift. The one who chooses the best worst gift wins.

Video Game Tournament

Let your teen choose one of their favorite games and spend an evening in a tournament. Going head to head with your teen on a PlayStation or Xbox game is a great way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Serve Fondue For Dinner

Fondue is not only fun, but it is also a great conversation meal. Let your teen help you choose what fun recipes to try.

Get Decorating

They will never admit it, but your teens never fell out of favor decorating the tree at Christmas. Give them some decorating responsibilities that will keep them entertained and busy. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and cookies.

Donate Clothes


A good way to clear some space in your teen’s closet for the clothes they will be getting over the holidays is by giving outgrown clothes to charity.

Go through the wardrobe with your teen to gather and donate clothes that no longer fit them or are otherwise never worn anymore. This is also a good time to talk about the importance of giving.

C2 Education offers tutoring and college prep to help make the start of school in the fall more fun and more successful. Contact us today.

Signs Your Teen Needs a Tutoring Service in Severna Park

Signs Your Teen Needs a Tutoring Service in Severna Park

If your teen is stressing out over homework, it could be a sign they need a tutor. C2 Education, your college prep and tutoring service in Severna Park, offers signs your son or daughter might need a high school tutor.

Your SAT Prep Service in Severna Park and Getting Into Your College of Choice

What your SAT Prep.jpg

There is no magic formula for getting into the college of your choice. But there are things you can do to better your chances of landing at your favorite university. 

Whether you have just begun considering which college you want to attend or if you are a student who has dreamed about a particular college for a long time, you have probably been searching for ways to make yourself stand out from the average student. C2 Education, your SAT prep service in Severna Park, offers tips to getting into your school of choice. 

Grades and Test Scores Still Carry a Lot of Weight

Colleges will say they are very interested in the real you. While this might be true, they don’t want to get to know the real you if your grades and test scores aren't up to their high standards. 

Basically, you can be the most interesting person in the world and that won't matter if you don't have good grades and score low on test scores. 

Express an Authentic Self

Colleges are overwhelmed by slick and boastful essays that only offer the top layer of an applicant. Colleges want applicants to go deep and give them a real picture of who you are. 

Am applicant should come off as someone who is a difference maker as opposed to writing a mere list of awesome accomplishments. 

Diversity Counts

Many colleges are interested in increasing access. So it might be to your benefit to emphasize your background. For example, perhaps you are a low-income student or the first in your family to attend college. 

Admissions offices are thinking harder about socioeconomic context, so tell them about the challenges you have faced.

Hobbies Count

You might be interested in becoming an engineer, but you have a love and passion for art or music. That is good stuff to put in your college application. Showing your interests in hobbies offer different facets of yourself.  

Make Yourself Respectable

We get it, when you are young, you do some things that aren't always smart. Take a good look at your social media accounts and make sure you haven’t posted anything that could come back to haunt you. Because you can bet the admissions office is going to creep you. 

Even go as far as to make sure your email address, the one you made in the 8th grade, has no mention of beer or drugs or other silly references. A respectable email address is simply your first and last name.

Show Dedication

It’s not all that impressive if you played a lot of high school sports but never stuck to one. Colleges would like to see if you are dedicated to any of the extracurricular activities you engage or if you just tried them to pad your resume. 

Four years of football or drama is a lot better than a long list of activities you engaged in for just a few months. 

C2 is the smart choice for students who want to do better. We offer customized curricula, personalized attention and a wide variety of enrichment services for students from kindergarten through high school. Give us a call today.

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College Prep in Severna Park and Summer Activities

College Prep in Severna Park and Summer Activities

Summer activities will do more than just get you out of the house. Boosting your activity level this summer will keep you in shape, keep you healthy and keep your mind sharp. C2 Education, your college prep service in Severna Park, offers these fun activities you should try this summer.