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College Prep in Severna and the Importance of College


A lot of families preparing for college admissions hear a lot about the importance of a college degree. They hear about which colleges will give you the most return on your investment and which major will pay the finest dividends and so on. 

But what these people don't hear is why college matters so much outside of the tangible metrics. It’s no big secret that having a college education pays off, studies show that college graduates can expect to earn $1 million more over their lifetime than those who just have a high school diploma. 

Having said that, college isn't cheap and some students will have to take out loans to complete their higher education. It may make some families think twice about the importance of a college education.

C2 Education, your college prep and tutoring resource in Severna Park, offers the importance of a college education.

All Around Happiness

Nearly 95 percent of adults who have a bachelor’s degree report that they are either happy or very happy with their lives. This compares to 89 percent of those without a college education who are happy or very happy with their lives.

More Likely to Own a Home

In 2016, a report was released by Zillow that found 75 percent of all home buyers were college educated while just over 10 percent had just a high school diploma. The other 14 percent had some college, but did not earn a degree.

You are Less Likely to Face Unemployment

In addition to the studies that show you will probably make more money than those who only have a high school diploma, earning a college degree is also a recipe for more career stability. Data show that those with a college degree represent under three percent of the workers who are unemployed. In contrast, over five percent of unemployed workers don’t have a college degree.  

Job Satisfaction

A report in 2016 by Pew Research showed that 60 percent of workers with a bachelor’s degree believed their jobs gave them a sense of identity. The same report showed just 38 percent of workers with a high school diploma had that same sense of identity with their job. 

Workers who have a bachelor's degree are also far more likely to refer to their job as their career than workers with no college degree. 

Health Habits

A study by the Lumina Foundation found that people with college degrees have healthier habits than those who do not. The higher your education, the less likely it is that you smoke and have other unhealthy habits. 

The study also showed that there is a clear relationship between higher education and eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and even wearing a seat belt.  

Good Citizen

Studies show that earning your college degree is good for the community you live in as well. The report found that 40 percent of adults with a bachelor’s degree volunteer in their community while only 17 percent of high school graduates volunteer. 

As you can see, it is quite clear why getting a college degree is so important. For SAT prep help or college tutoring, contact C2 Education today.