College Prep in Severna Park and Summer Activities

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Ahh, summertime. It is a time when students can breathe a little easier. Most of you are out of school and hopefully taking a break from tests, homework and teachers.

As much as we know you need a break, we do hope you aren't just lying around the house binge-watching Netflix. You really need to take advantage of the nice weather to get outdoors and engage in some activities. 

Summer activities will do more than just get you out of the house. Boosting your activity level this summer will keep you in shape, keep you healthy and keep your mind sharp. C2 Education, your college prep service in Severna Park, offers these fun activities you should try this summer.


Being outside isn't just about being in a new environment, it’s about developing an appreciation for nature and respecting the world around you.

You love your hair dryer, Netflix and toaster oven, but ridding yourself of the conveniences of modern life and technology is a necessary escape from the grind of daily life. Besides, there will be plenty of time to catch up on Stranger Things and Instagram while sipping coffee from your Keurig when you get back from your camping trip.

Your home or gym workouts are tedious, going camping allows you to get exercise in fun ways. Whether you spend your camping time backpacking, swimming or playing games, there are plenty of ways to get moving while camping.

One of the best parts about camping is the downtime when you enjoy the peace and quiet. There are few better places to find peace than a campsite. You can spend time on a hammock listening to the sounds of nature, listen to the crackling of a campfire or sleep under the stars listening to the crickets chirping or the breeze blowing through the trees. 

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking makes you awesome. 

No kidding, it really does.

When was the last time you heard somebody tell you what a blast they had on the treadmill? Never. That’s because walking or running on a treadmill is boring at best.

Not mountain biking. Mountain biking is a blast. It’s a genuinely fun sport that gives you a killer workout, is therapeutic and gets you in touch with nature. 

Best of all, mountain biking just isn’t a sport, it’s an adventure. And once you reach the top of that mountain, you will have more confidence and will feel accomplished. 

Go to the Ballpark

Many people think baseball is boring, but it is really the most beautiful sport. Admittedly, watching baseball on your television at home can get a little boring, the excitement comes when you watch the game live.

Ballparks are fun places to be and there is so much to do. And there is no doubt the food is fantastic. 

If you think you might get bored, keep track of the game stats on your own. This keeps you occupied and your brain active throughout the game. 

Go to a Farmers Market

Farmers markets are everywhere in the summer, you should take the time to visit one. Fr starters, they are the best place to get fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot of what you get at the grocery store has been shipped from hundreds of miles and is not that fresh.

In addition to the freshness and superior nutrition value of fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, you get a good deal. Grocery stores need to charge more, so you get the best deals at farmers markets. 

Lastly, when you buy from the farmers market, you are supporting local farms as well as your local economy. 

Wash Your Car

The balmy weather of summer gives you the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours outside washing your car. No excuses, your car needs a good washing. Besides, it’s good exercise, it’s refreshing and you will get your daily dose of vitamin D. 


It is very relaxing to go fishing, which is great for your mental health. It’s plain and simple, fishing calms your mind. It takes place in nature, where you are far away from your computer and phone, and it lets your brain unwind and focus only on the calm water and the big fish you want to catch. 

Fishing involves a lot of small and intricate movements, which keeps your fine motor skills sharp. You will also use a lot of muscles you don’t normally use when you go fishing. 

Rock Climbing

If you are the adventurous type, rock climbing is a great choice. It requires you to use a lot of different muscles to give you a complete workout. Rock climbing will also test your mental skills, which is a great way to stay sharp over the summer when you aren't studying on a regular basis.

Outdoor Book Club

All your summer activities don't have to include exercise. There is nothing wrong with curling up under a shade tree and reading a book. It is even better when you gather under the tree with like-minded people who read the same book and have a discussion about it. 

There is just something special about reading outdoors. 

Reading is also good for your mental health and it relieves stress as well. And we are sure that you have an idea of what books you would like to read this summer.  

Take advantage of the season. Soon enough, school will be back in session. If you are interested in tutoring or college preparation, give C2 Education a call.