ACT Prep Service in Severna Park and College Myths

If you have never been to college before, the whole idea might leave you intimidated and perhaps even a bit scared and certainly overwhelmed. Much of this uncertainty comes from the unknown. It was probably the same when you left elementary school and went to middle school. A lot of nerves and negative vibes happened then.

But after you got into middle school and settled in, you realized it wasn’t all the bad things you thought it would be. This is because much of what you perceived middle school to be was just a myth, a rumor you probably heard from friends.

This holds true when prepping for college. You have heard many stories about college and that leaves you a little nervous. Don’t be. In all likelihood, the stories you have heard from others are just that, stories.

C2 Education, your ACT prep service in Severna Park, offers these common college myths that you shouldn't believe.

First Semester Classes Determine Your Future

You do need to give some thought to what classes you pick every semester, but the classes you pick your first semester don’t have to coincide with your major.

Even though most universities encourage or require you to declare a major, that decision is never set in stone. Take the first two semesters to figure out what you want to study.

Sleep, Social Life, Study

Sleep, study and social life, rumor has it you can’t have all three. This is just not true. While you will be spending plenty of time in classes and outside studies, you can still hang with your friends and get a full night’s sleep. All you do is plan your days and weeks.

It is quite common to overschedule yourself the first year of college, so create a schedule where you have a margin of error in case something comes up.

You are on Your Own

You probably realize that nobody in college is going to hold your hand. You can bet that most professors aren’t taking attendance and couldn’t care less if you attend class or not. That is the reality.

However, even though you do have to be self-motivated and self-directed in college, there are plenty of resources should you need them. In fact, there are probably more resources for help than you had in high school.

Parties are the Only Social Functions

Not even close. If you imagine college like you have seen them in movies like Social Network and Animal House, your views are skewed and unrealistic.

Parties do exist, of course, and you will attend if that is what you are into, but so much more is happening. In addition to the activities found in the city where you will attend college, there are a plethora of activities on campus.

Ramen Noodles is All You Eat

College is the time for culinary adventures. You will find creative ways to flavor Ramen noodles. But just because you are eating cheap, it doesn’t mean you have to eat garbage food all of the time.

Just have mom or dad teach you how to cook using inexpensive ingredients and you can eat good food that is also healthy.

C2 Education offers free consultations and free diagnostic testing for your student. Get in touch today and start planning your education path early.

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