Signs Your Teen Needs a Tutoring Service in Severna Park

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Sign Your Teen Needs a Tutoring Service in Severna Park

Chances are that you haven’t written a book report or did long division in a really long time. So when your teen needs help with homework, which seems to be all of the time, you don’t think you can be much help.

Studies show that homework is the biggest source of stress for 25 percent of high school students. If your teen is stressing out over homework, it could be a sign they need a tutor. C2 Education, your college prep and tutoring service in Severna Park, offers signs your son or daughter might need a high school tutor.

Slipping Grades

If your teen’s grades fall below average, it is a warning sign that they need additional help. Underperforming does not necessarily mean that your teen is a poor student. It could just mean that they are not fully understanding and comprehending the lessons that are being taught.

Poor Behavior

A teen who acts out and disobeys teachers could stem from frustration because they aren’t progressing as well as their peers. This feeling of inadequacy can deeply affect a teen’s confidence and self-esteem.

A tutor can boost your teen’s mood by helping them become more productive in the classroom.

Negative Outlook

If your teen has a gloomier than usual outlook on school, it could be a sign they need a tutor. Students who don’t fare well in the classroom tend to feel constant despair and get easily discouraged. This affects their motivation to learn and gives them a negative outlook.


If your teen is waiting until 9:45 p.m. to start on homework the night before an assignment is due, it might be time to look into hiring a tutor.

A tutor will help explain assignments in a private setting so your teen doesn’t feel embarrassed about asking questions to get a better understanding. Hiring a tutor can also cultivate self-motivation which helps your teen keep up with homework and perform better on homework assignments.

Manages Time Poorly

If your teen spends hours on homework assignments that should be completed much quicker, a tutor can help. A tutor can help your teen find a system that will increase their productivity.


If your teen fears tests and even becomes physically ill when facing a test, a tutor can help find ways to conquer their fears.


Your teen may just give up because it seems no matter what they do, nothing helps. This feeling of hopelessness is a sign they need help. A tutor can help find a solution that gets your teen back on track.

Avoiding School

When your teen is struggling at school, they will go to extremes to avoid going to school at all. Being sick a lot or skipping classes are signs that your teen could use some help. Your teen needs the support of a tutor.

If your teen is exhibiting any of these signs, the solution might be a tutor. Contact C2 Education to learn more about our tutoring programs and how they can help.