College Prep Courses in Severna Park and Why College is Important


It is not uncommon for young people to question the need to go to college. They understand it is expensive and that there might be some debt involved, so they might wonder if it would be worth it.  

There is no doubt that college is expensive and that students who graduate from college have an average of $28,000 in student loan debt. And there are decent jobs out there that pay very well and don’t require a degree. 

Perhaps your recent high school graduate is eager to join the workforce and get on with their life and doesn’t want to spend four or more years in school. 

C2 Education offers tutoring and college prep courses in Severna Park and can tell you the importance of going to college. 

Higher Salary

A college education is one of the best investments you can make in terms of what you can earn every year. Studies show us that those with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn a lifetime salary of about $2.4 million while high school graduates will only earn an average of $1.4 million over their lifetime.

Even better news: A master’s degree could earn you $2.8 million over your lifetime.

Better Choice of Jobs

While there are plenty of jobs out there that don't require a college degree, the jobs you want probably do require a college degree. 

Without a college degree, you may land a job with a really good company, but be limited to how far up you can move because of your limited education. There are also many companies who only hire people with college degrees. 

Better Life Skills

College will do much more than just help you get a better job and better pay, it will help you make better life decisions. College students often develop the reasoning skills that can help out in many aspects of life. These skills will help when making big decisions like buying a house and may even improve self-discipline.

It's a New Experience

College is a good introduction to being an adult. You will be responsible for getting yourself to class every day and keeping track of other commitments. You will have to learn to be disciplined because nobody will be around to make sure you attend class, study for tests and finish your homework.

At college, you will meet new and different people from all walks of life. You may join clubs that give you a chance to pursue the things you find interesting and like to do. College gives you the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. 


Since your higher education will provide you with more freedom pursuing the career that interests and inspires you, not only do you enjoy your job more, you have a better outlook on life.

All too often, people are looking for a way to get out of a dead-end job, this is why they decide to seek a higher education. When you enjoy a rewarding career, your outlook is optimistic and you are a happier person. 

If you are interested in college prep or academic tutoring, contact C2 Education today.