How to keep your New Year's Resolution and #goals

new years resolutions.jpg

January is almost over. Will you believe it? We hope you are off to a great start this year. New Year's resolutions can be hard to keep. It takes time to learn new good habits and kick the old bad ones. Here are some tips for keeping your New Year's resolution and goals.

Choose a New Year’s resolution that will improve your life overall.-

For example, basic resolutions like staying focused, being healthier and being more positive are great for personal growth. Your resolution does not have to be epic or big. New Year’s resolutions are all about moving your life in the right direction. Making changes in your mindset or lifestyle will pay off in the long run.

Write down all of your goals-

January can be an overwhelming month. Too often, we reflect on past mistakes and stress over future goals. Unfortunately, obsessing over either can leave you feeling depressed and frustrated. Instead of living in the past or worrying about the future, try getting it all out on paper. Write down all of your concerns, lessons learned and everything that you hope to achieve this year. Journaling is an excellent way to do this. Reflect on how you’re doing without obsessing and be self-aware.

Put a date on your goals-

Once you decide what you want to accomplish, put a date on each goal. Again, having a journal for your goals is a good idea. If you miss a deadline, do not beat yourself up. Just set a new date and be persistent!  Push yourself but at the same time, be realistic about how much time you will need. Try turning your New Year’s resolution into a bunch of small goals with dates and pacing yourself.

Write your goals on your daily planner-

Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, write your goals in your agenda. For example, if your goal is to get a higher ACT score, you will write in your agenda the days and hours you will be test prepping. It’s important to be consistent and your daily planner will help you stay on track.