6 Easy Ways to Stay Focused During the Holidays


The holiday season is a time for fun, family and days off of school. It can also be a time when distractions rule and expectations are high. Here are six easy ways to stay focused during the holidays and show gratitude for what you do have.

Plan Ahead

Plan what you want to achieve in 2018 while it’s still 2017. Instead of setting big goals, focus on what you want to do in January or for the rest of the winter, all the way through spring. It’s easier to see where you want to be in 6 months, rather than 12 months.

Get out of Holiday Mode

It’s wayyy too easy to use the holidays as an excuse for just about everything, from lateness and not studying to not every trying. The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is when the epidemic known as Holiday Mode can hit, making December feel more like a vortex where goals get sucked out of existence. There is hope though! Staying focused and motivated will help you resist the temptation to throw your goals out the window. Plan when you will be studying and when you will spend time with your family. It’s all about staying balanced. You can still have time, just make time to study and work towards your goals everyday.

Set smaller weekly goals to finish the year off with wins

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it may help to set smaller goals. See these baby steps as mini milestones that will lead to your big goal. Everything adds up in the end. Celebrate all of your victories and track your progress in a journal.

Improve your performance by focusing on the positive.

Fear is the worst possible motivator. Maintain a positive mindset to stay focused. Try meditating daily or using a relation app like Calm to get your mind right. Though the holidays are a time for getting awesome gifts, the materialism of it all can be downright depressing. Instead of focusing on what you are lacking, focus on what’s really important: the everyday blessing that you enjoy. Your family, your health, being able to have a good education and enjoying your favorite treat. The most positive you are, the less foggy your mind will be...making it easier to concentrate.

Study in the morning

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday festivities, especially during the weekend, so it’s a good idea to study in the beginning of the day! To retain information, studying everyday for less time is often more effective than studying a few times a week for longer periods of time. Review what you did the day before and tackle your weaknesses first.

Remember your why

When you want to forget about your goals and take December off...remember why you want to get into your dream school or earn an awesome scholarship. Your why will motivate you and also remind you that taking a month off is not a good option. You want to stay on your path. Never lose focus of your goal and act as if you’ve already achieved it!