6 Tips for Success in 2018

new year .jpg

2018 may not be here yet...but it’s going to be here in two weeks. Now is the time to plan for your best year yet! Here are six quick tips for a phenomenal new year. 

Be Self Aware

Think about what you want to accomplish, not what looks good or what other people think you should do. Focus on your strengths and focus on what you need to improve as well. Don’t just focus on one or the other. The world is super competitive and acknowledging your weaknesses is super important when goal setting. You want to have the edge! 

For example, if you’re good at writing but bad at math, focus on conquering math first. You can read and write all you want--but if you ignore your math problems, your GPA and ACT/SAT scores will suffer.  Focus on one concept at a time, just as you would focus on one grammar rule if you were having trouble with English. Instead of constantly saying “I’m bad at math”...say “I’m working on my math skills”.By reframing your mentality, your self esteem will improve and you will feel more motivated! 

Be Tech Savvy

Being tech and social media savvy is an asset. It’s also good to stay up to date and be ahead of tech trends for 2018. There is also the intersection of technology and education. If you are not into technology, 2018 is the year for you change that. There are many innovations on the forefront and there is a big demand for coders and techie’s! 

Think Small

Instead of setting one huge goal...set 10-12 small goals to achieve your big goal. Monthly goals are great too. Think of them as mini victories! 

Get on a Timeline

It’s easy to fall off track, especially in January. The new year seems promising but it’s easy to get distracted. To stay focused, come up with a timeline and dates to accomplish each goal. You can write these in an accountability journal. If you don’t make the deadline, no worries! Just rewrite the date and don’t beat yourself up over it. 

What’s more important is having momentum and confidence! Getting back up and being persistent is more important than being perfect. Successful people aren’t flawless. They make mistakes but they keep going and never give up. 

Keep Company

This could mean surrounding yourself around motivated friends, joining a study group or having a partner to hold you accountable (accountability partner). It has been scientifically proven that people do better in life when they surround themselves with motivational, positive people. You are who you spend your time around. Choose your company wisely and if a friendship is not working out, have the courage to say “no thanks”. 

Work Everyday

Train your brain to retain information by working towards your goal everyday. Whether it’s an education goal, a fitness goal or a passion project...work on it everyday! It’s better to work for 30 minutes to an hour daily than trying to cram everything in one day. Everyone is different and of course, some may prefer to work for longer hours. Try different things and see what works. One thing’s for sure...the more often you work, the better results you will get.