“Should I Take AP Classes?”

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Advanced Placement (AP) is a program that offers college leveled classes that you can take in high school. There are many advantages to taking these classes!

The benefits:

-Colleges love to see AP classes because they are challenging and show that you can manage the course load.

-AP classes are great for your GPA too! They make your weighted GPA go up. A weighted GPA runs on a higher scale than the regular 4.0.

-You can choose subjects you know you’d be good at. You do not have to take all AP classes. Instead, you can just take the ones in areas that you are strong in.

-AP classes help prepare you for college. When you take an AP class, you are taking a college level class. 

-These classes count for college credit. This means that you can save money on tuition! Who wouldn’t want to graduate sooner? (Unless you’re just there to party...which you are probably not!)

Yes, AP classes offer many benefits but they also require lots of extra work and studying. Here are some things to consider before taking AP classes:

Your strengths- which classes would you score high in? Are you performing at your grade level?  If you are struggling, it's best to get caught up then consider taking more advanced classes. If you are doing well, do you need to be challenged? AP classes don't just put you ahead of the game, they also offer an exciting challenge! 

Your goals - what kind of university do you want to get into? Are you aiming high? If your dream school also happens to be a top school, you may want to consider taking AP classes to have an edge over the competition. 

Time- are you juggling many responsibilities and extracurricular activities? How much time are you willing to put aside to study. Are you going to be able to study the required hours? 

Your GPA- How high do you want your GPA to be? Remember, AP classes can help you GPA but you must put in the work. You have to be willing to work hard because the classes are more advanced.