6 ACT & SAT Vocabulary Hacks

sat words 2.jpg

Use flash cards

Vocabulary flash cards are great for improving your vocabulary. You can make your own with common ACT/SAT words or you can buy them on Amazon. The best thing about flash cards is that they are portable, so you can practice anywhere!

Practice with a timer

Put aside a hour everyday to practice your ACT/SAT vocabulary skills. The more you practice taking the test, the better you will be. Like a muscle, you need to practice the test to ace the test. 

Underline key words and phrases

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a long or complicated reading passage. To save time, underline the most important parts of the passage. What you want to get is the main idea. 

Read directions carefully

There are two things that you have to worry about when you take the ACT/SAT reading test: the answer to the question and the actual question itself. It’s easy to get caught up in the answer that you forget the details of the question to begin with. Even if you have to reread...make sure you are clear as to what the question is asking. Unlike math, multiple answers on the reading test may look correct. Remember, there is only one right answer. Read all of the choices and select the answer that best fits the question, not your own opinions of the passage!

Read good literature, especially classics

In addition to flash cards, classic reads are a great way to brush up on your vocabulary. Reading classic or good literature has been proven to increase test scores! Reading is a great supplement to studying. 

Rephrase confusing questions

If an oddly worded question is throwing you off your game, take a step back and focus on the main idea of the question. If you have to take notes and rephrase the question...do it!! It’s your test and you need to understand what’s going on.