5 Quick & Easy Geometry Hacks for High Schoolers

geomatry 1.jpg


  1. Invest in tools and a calculator that you are comfortable using. Think practical over flashy even though calculators are not usually seen as fashion statements. To find your perfect graphing calculator, click here. Remember to use a clear protractor and ruler too. You will need the following: straightedge, ruler, compass, protractor, highlighters and preferably a mechanical pencil for precise marks.

  2. Focus on one concept everyday. Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by focusing on mastering one concept at a time.

  3. Study everyday so you will train your brain and retain the information. Your brain is wired to learn by frequency. This is why studying everyday for 30 minutes can be more effective than studying one a week for five hours.

  4. Keep cheat sheets and flashcards with formulas handy and review often. You can buy geometry flashcards or make your own out of index cards. Keep your materials organized with an index card holder. These quick and easy tools will help you to retain the information and better understand the language. They are also easy to grab when you’re on the go!

  5. Get homework help. If you are struggling with geometry, do not sit around frustrated. C2 learning centers offer free homework help to current students. At our Severna Park location, students are in and out everyday for this reason. We provide a peaceful stress-free environment where they can truly focus.