Holiday Tips for High School Students

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The holidays are among us and though it’s a jolly’s a season that’s full of distractions. From Thanksgiving to New Years, it’s easy to get lost in the vortex and forget your goals. Follow these tips to enjoy this holiday season without falling behind!

Stick to a schedule

-With the sun rising later, it’s tempting to sleep in later as winter approaches. By the time morning comes, it’s dark and who wants to wake up when it’s still dark?

-Avoid sleeping in too late anyways! Not only will you have less time to take care of your business but it also can make you lazier. 

Prepare for your family

-Know where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing.

-Work out how much time you’ll spend with your family, and how much time you’ll spend studying. Schedule fun time and work time so you don’t feel guilty about having fun. What are the holidays without fun?

Keep your moods up

-The holiday season can be cheerful but it can also be sad. The sun is out less, and with high expectations...we can dwell on what we do not have. Advertisements do a great job of showing teens and young people what their family is supposed to look like and what material things they should be getting.

-Giving back, volunteering, and expressing gratitude are great ways to combat this. As for gifting, try making gifts this year. Gifts from the heart will leave your family and friends touched. Just make sure you stick with something you’re good at!  

-For example, if you’re not good at crafts but enjoy writing, try writing poems and frame them as décor. 

Give Back

-Help your family decorate the house and tree, volunteer and donate toys.

-Help a friend study for a test or form a study group. 

Organize your study space

-With family visiting and days spent at home, instead of at school, boundaries can become blurred. Make sure your study environment remains a place where you can study and do your work.

-Add holiday cheers to your desk by adding plants and holiday themed décor. Be minimal, though! Less is more and you don't want your desk to be too busy. 

-Invest in a desk with drawers and keep your study essentials in order.

Dare to say “No”

-You don’t have to do everything and go to every gathering. Be polite and say “no thanks” if it interferes with your goals.

-You can always get together another time. You need to stay focused and spreading yourself too thin will catch up with you.

Do your work in the plane or car

-Let’s face it, sometimes taking a week off isn’t an option. When you know that you need to study and will be traveling during the holidays...bringing your work is a good idea.

-Winter break is a break from school but what about your other goals? Stay committed and focused and it will definitely pay off in the New Year!

-You don’t have to study for hours on end. Committing just one hour a day to studying for your ACT/SAT or AP tests will pay off big in the long run! Don't forget your GPA too! 

Study early in the morning

-Before family members wake up, start studying! You’re able to get a great deal of work done during one of the quietest times of day.

-This also works well for students with A.D.H.D. because there are less distractions and it’s quiet in the house.