ADD/ADHD Teens: Studying Tips for the ACT/SAT

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ADD/ADHD test takers had their own test? Of course it would! If it’s any consolation, most students find standardized tests challenging. ADHD teens have their own unique learning style and needs. Here are some ADD/ADHD tips for your best test score.

ADD MOTIVATION- Stay motivated by reminding yourself of why you are studying for the test. Make it the first thing you think about when you wake up, meditate on it, write it on your bedroom wall…remember it! In combination with your GPA and extracurricular activities, you’ll have an edge over the competition. In fact there is NO competition. You rock and you can do this! Have ADD/ADHD? Don’t let it keep you from achieving your goals…just add motivation to the mix!

Work Methodically- Studying for the ACT/SAT can get overwhelming. This is an invitation to give it your best, so take it as an opportunity to progress one step at a time, one section at a time. Figure out what you want to tackle first…math, reading, etc. and focus on your challenges. Do not try to study for all subjects at once. You will go crazy.

Pace Yourself- Look at how much time you have and how many hours you will commit in a day to reach your goals. Even a quick daily review can make all the difference and can prevent last minute cramming.

FOCUS!- Once you have learned how to pace yourself, it’s time to work on your concentration. Wear comfortable clothes and choose a place with minimal distractions so you can really focus. Sometimes ADD/ADHD means reading a passage again or taking extra notes so you don’t forget valuable information.  This will help you answer the questions the best that you can.

Keep a schedule- In the colorful world of ADD/ADHD there are many things structure is not one of them. Structure is something that you can create even if it does not come naturally and getting on a balanced schedule can really help. This schedule will include work/school, exercise, sleep and social activities. Dont forget your me time to recharge. Committing to studying for the ACT/SAT may be a challenge but little daily changes lead to big victories. Reward yourself when you stay on schedule!

Get plenty of exercise and sleep- Exercise and sleep are super important to a student’s ability to focus. Exercise every day and you will find that you will study harder and sleep better.

Consider a Tutor- Everyone has a subject that is their weakest. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, yet if you are struggling, it may be time to consider getting help. The one-on-one experience of having a tutor is unbeatable. They provide skills and expertise and can act as your motivator, your coach and the person who can fill in the blanks. We offer tutoring customized tutoring programs for ACT/SAT prep and work with students with ADD/ADHD and learning differences.

Feeling stuck? Take a free ACT/SAT test to see where you are with your test-taking skills. At C2 Severna Park, we provide a relaxing, constructive environment and have many ADD/ADHD students. Our tutors are the best of the best and our ADD/ADHD students find success after going through our tutoring program. You can call us at 410-421-8080 for more information.  Happy test-taking!