Literacy Activities Your Child Will Love

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Help them find books that speak to their interests like sports, art, geography and so on. Help your child develop literacy skills by doing these fun activities. Most of them involve things you can easily find at home! 

Magnetic tray letters

Using an oven tray and magnetic letters, your child can make fun words. This activity is great for beginning readers. 

Making words

Use legos, blocks or connectible toys to make words. Draw a letter on each piece and make words. The possibilities are endless.

Word Family Mini-Notebooks

Turn a mini-spiral notebook into a phonics practice book. These are super cool! Cut a mini notebook into 3 sections. Great for practicing phonics patterns and word families. 

Nature Walk Haiku

Try haiku poetry! Take your child on a nature walk then have them write a haiku on experiencing nature. There’s tons of cool printables on Pinterest. Haiku’s are very short and typically three lines...great for kids. 

Stencils + Stamps

Stencils and stamps paired with paint and ink are great ways to make spelling words fun. Go to Michaels or your local arts & craft store for endless possibilities.

Wacky Tongue Twisters

Print out wild tongue twisters and read them with your child. 

Word Games

Try playing a board game or fun game that has a making words/sentences theme: scrabble, sentence games, big box sentence building, etc. 

Visit the library

Make library visits the norm for your child. Take them every month for new books.

Talk about books

Talk books with your kids. Discuss what they are currently reading. With today’s busy schedules remember that 10-15 minutes everyday makes a big difference over time. Make time for book discussions and watch your child’s interest in books grow. 

Encourage journaling

Buy your child a journal and explain to them what journaling is. How cool will it be to read about your childhood once you’re grown. Journals these days are cooler than ever with endless colors and prints to choose from. 

Start a book club

Diary of a Wimpy kid may have made this idea sound lame...but it’s really a good idea! As long as the books are cool and interesting, enjoying books in the company of other kids will enhance their learning experience. Start one or join one. Reading just one book a month, on top of what they are reading in school, will keep them challenged. 

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